Application for a CRIS Company Account

1.   The online Application Form may take 15 - 20 minutes to complete.

2.   The "Applicant" must be the person who has been appointed as a Corppass Administrator in the company/business entity's Corppass Account.

3.   The Corppass Administrator will require Corppass to login the system to complete and submit the online application.

4.   The following information will be required for the completion of the Application Form:
a) Name of the company/business entity, UEN, official address and contact details
b) Name of the "Applicant", personal identity (eg. NRIC, FIN Number), contact details
c) Name of the persons appointed as "CRIS Administrators", personal identity (eg. NRIC, FIN Number), contact details

5.   The Application Form which has been correctly completed and submitted by the eligible applicant (i.e. Corppass Administrator with valid Corppass account) will be approved upon submission.

6.   An email notification will be sent to the official email of the company within 30 mins.

7.   After the company CRIS Account has been set up, the company "CRIS Administrators" can proceed with the authorization of other employees as users to login to transact with HSA via specific E-Services assigned.